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Europa Nostra UK holds events throughout the year. Please check back here to see newly published, live events. Alternatively, you can sign up to our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter to keep informed about new events. 

Want to see what we've been up to? Check out our Blog page to see all the latest news and reviews of our past events. 

Upcoming Events


Europa Nostra UK
Webinar Series

Starts 5.30-6.30pm GMT Friday 23rd June


This exciting series of online events will showcase UK winners of European heritage award programmes, alongside heritage projects from across Europe that are of particular interest for the UK. Join us - 5.30-6.30pm GMT Friday 23rd June for the first edition! Open to EN members and non-members.  


We start with an online presentation from DigVentures' Lisa Westcott Wilkin on the Archaeology at Home project, which won a Europa Nostra Award in 2021 for education, training and awareness-raising in the field of cultural heritage as well as the 2021 Heritage in Motion award.

In March 2020, not-for-profit social business DigVentures launched Archaeology at Home as an instant response to the conditions imposed on the practice of public archaeology by the COVID-19 lockdown. Archaeology at Home consisted of three distinct streams: videos including virtual site tours and workshops; an online Virtual Field school in the form of a six-week step-by-step ‘How to do archaeology’ course, provided free of charge on the basis of an opt-in funding model; and the two-day DigNation festival, remodeled as a digital conference. In total, DigVentures welcomed a remarkable number of over 11,000 people from 90 countries.  


The Jury praised the many innovative qualities of Archaeology at Home: “This proved to have been an agile response to the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and saw huge numbers of participants involved, offering connection during the lockdowns among the participants and between professionals and amateur archaeologists.”

Past Events

yonca_kosebay2 (1).png

Missed this talk?

Email us for access to the recording!

This talk, given by Dr Yonca Erkan, will focus on the railway building and demonstrate the British industrial contribution in the 19th century. It will then look at this valuable heritage from present day and try to relocate the presence of British in Istanbul using historical accounts from witnesses such as The Times and Ottoman archival documents.


SASMAP: Tools and techniques for preserving underwater archaeology

Missed this talk?

Email us for access to the recording!

Talk on the Development of Tools and Techniques to Survey, Assess, Stabilise, Monitor And Preserve Underwater Archaeological Sites: SASMAP


International Heritage: A roundtable discussion with John Darlington (WMF)

This event was held on 24th February. To read the summary, please view our Blog.

Roundtable discussion for 18-33 year olds with John Darlington, Executive Director of the World Monuments Fund UK.

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