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Brexit - and a way forward

Collaborations in Europe have been through turbulent times before; Europe has overcome many severe crises and has bridged deep divisions in the past. In response to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union The European Cultural Foundation has published a Manifesto.

By Xenophôn - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Manifesto responds to the new political reality by seeking to provide foundations and cultural institutions working in Europe with a way to declare their intention to strengthen cultural ties between the UK and our friends across Europe.

Europa Nostra UK answered the invitation to co-shape a European cultural space in which communities and individuals across Europe follow their dreams and build their futures and has signed the Manifesto.

#brexit #EU #ForwardTogether

We take great comfort from the European Cultural Foundation's pledge to intensify its activities and efforts to enable communities and individuals across Europe to co-shape their dreams, their futures, a common cultural space, with creativity and in cooperation.

The European Cultural Foundation intends to develop new initiatives and programmes that will maintain and regenerate institution-to-institution, network-to-network, but most importantly people-to-people contacts. With this in mind they want to engage as many people from different walks of life and divergent opinions as possible.

Please sign the Maifesto if you want to join us in co-shaping a European cultural space!

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