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Call for Funding: Support our Young Members Initiative

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

For Europa Nostra (EN), supporting young people has always been a priority, demonstrated by events like the 2018 “The Future is Heritage” Summit, the 2019 Capacity Building Days, and initiatives like free membership for 18-33 year olds, and the newly launched European Heritage Youth Ambassadors Programme.

In the UK, Europa Nostra UK's trustees (including 3 trustees and our support officer who are young members) have been working on a series of initiatives to support young people to establish and build a career in the field of cultural heritage through advice, support and networking opportunities.

Since September 2020, Europa Nostra UK (ENUK) have organised a monthly roundtable discussion for our young members and other young people interested in a career in cultural heritage. Most events attract around 50 registrations, and all have had between 10-30 attendees. The UK now has the highest number of young members amongst the countries that are part of Europa Nostra, and our young members are based all across the UK.

With UK lockdown restrictions easing ENUK would like to provide the opportunity for our young members to attend ENUK events in person and additional physical roundtable discussions for them to meet each other and the wider membership. In addition, Europa Nostra UK are proposing to organise a series of mentoring opportunities which will connect European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award winners with young

members in the UK.

The benefits to young members of Europa Nostra would be:

  • Increased knowledge of Europa Nostra and ENUK

  • Engagement with EN award holders, members and organisational members

  • Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities (locally, nationally and internationally)

  • Developing an active relationship between members and organisations

  • Opportunity for learning and personal development

  • A platform for young members' voices to be heard in the context of UK-European heritage

  • Opportunities to discuss issues with leaders in the various fields of cultural heritage

  • Confidence boosting career incentives

Between September 2021 and March 2022, we aim to offer our young members:

  • 5 travel grants for planned in-person events in 2021 (£500)

  • Attendance at one in-person roundtable event (£1,000)

  • Attendance at 3 ENUK networking events (£1,000)

By September 1st 2021 we aim to raise £2,500 to cover planned youth programme activities over the coming 6 months. We welcome individual donations or event sponsorship.

To learn more about the youth programme or discuss event sponsorship please contact:

We thank you for your continued support.

To make an individual donation please follow the instructions to make a transfer via BACS.

If you are eligible for Gift Aid, we encourage you to Gift Aid your donation.

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