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Confronting Climate Change at Butrint World Heritage Site

Alongside Europa Nostra UK's AGM this year, Professor Richard Hodges OBE will deliver a keynote speech about the ways in which climate change has impacted work at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrint.

Join us on Thursday 16th November, at 18:00 for the AGM and from 18:30-19.30 for the keynote speech. Book your spot here, via Eventbrite

Butrint, Albania © Nikelina Bineri / UNESCO

An extensive archaeological site in southern Albania, Butrint was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 1992. The excellent preservation of the surviving monuments, below-ground archaeology, and the surrounding landscape reveals an intricate history of human interaction with the environment, dating from the Bronze Age to the Ottoman era. This online lecture will explore the pressures that heritage sites face, both from modern development and urban expansion, as well as climate change and habitat alteration. It will outline the ways in which the teams that care for Butrint have been coordinating conservation work and land management in response to these threats, and the learnings that can be applied to other similar contexts.

Richard Hodges is President Emeritus of the American University of Rome and former Professor of Archaeology at the University of East Anglia; he was formerly the Williams Director of the Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, USA. His academic career has focused on the archaeology of the later Roman world and the early Middle Ages in western Europe. Richard is the author of many books, including Dark Age Economics, Mohammed, Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe, The Anglo-Saxon Achievement, Wall to Wall History, Towns and Trade in the Age of Charlemagne, Goodbye to the Vikings and (with Riccardo Francovich) Villa to Village, all published by Bloomsbury Academic. His latest publication is Travels with an Archaeologist: Finding a Sense of Place.

This online lecture and keynote speech is open to EN members and non-members, and takes place directly after our AGM - Book your spot on Eventbrite:

... and if you missed our last webinar back in September (the one about mega-event planning) you can read about it here.

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