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Explore Historic Houses in Europe through Facebook

Throughout the month of May, The European Historic Houses Association have been running weekly live video tours of houses led by their owners and guardians. The short 20-minute tours give an opportunity to see otherwise private spaces, explore European country-houses and learn more about Europe’s heritage. The collection of twelve videos portray incredibly interesting information about these wonderful Historic Houses from all across Europe.

The Historic House Tours include (click the name to follow the link):

Mapperton House, UK

Huntingdon Castle, Ireland

Grades Castle, Austria

Torre de Murga, Spain

Palazzo Marigliano, Italy

Rumene Manor, Latvia

Ilford Manor, UK

Villa Valmarana ai Nani, Italy

Veljkovic House, Serbia

Malmgard Estate, Finland

Castello di Thiene, Italy

Enniscoe House, Ireland

You can catch up on all of the videos here:

They will also be available on their Youtube channel in the coming weeks:

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