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"This summer I visit Europe" - The campaign to re-discover European tourism

Following the drastic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the European tourism industry, the European Commission have launched a social media campaign to encourage and promote sustainable cultural tourism. The slogan ‘Europe’s Culture – close to you’ emphasises the theme of encouraging local tourism to heritage sites without needing to travel on planes or across borders.

cc. Maria Gabriel, Twitter

The newest addition to the campaign is a photography competition titled ‘This Summer I visit Europe’, which calls for photos of European heritage sites close to you. As stated on the campaign website, “The aim is to encourage Europeans to discover the beauty and richness of destinations close to their homes, in a safe and sustainable way.”

Entries can be of digital and physical cultural experiences, including European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Award winners, natural sites and music events.

Please use the hashtag #EuropeForCulture when sharing photos online.

The deadline is 23rd August 2020. To enter, please follow this link.

To see updated travel information about where you can visit in Europe, you can check out the Re-Open EU interactive map.

To learn more about the European Commission’s overall Recovery Plan, please click here.

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